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A graphic designer by day and an artist by night, such is my life in the corporate world. Krystal Bead Conceptz was actually inspired by the butterfly brooch on the left. While walking through a well known chain department store I saw this gorgeous brooch. (Trust me, the picture does not do it justice.) I looked at it and stared at it and pondered for the 100th time how I wished it was a pendant and NOT a brooch. I'm still in the relative youth of my life and ladies my age, well I have yet to see a brooch grace their shoulders.

So here was my dilemnia, to buy something I would never wear but always enjoy viewing, or to not buy it and have it just be a fond memory of pure gorgeousness. So I decided to go with plan C, which was, find a way to turn this brooch into a pendant and make a necklace from it. I've been making necklaces from various items for over 8 years now and love a challenge.

This all boiled down to the realization that I can't be the only person out there who has a brooch, pin, or family heirloom that they want to show off and wear, but it is not in a form they are comfortable with. My mission is two-fold. One is to just make awesome and fun or beautiful necklaces that all ages can enjoy and wear. My second part is to work with antique, unique or interesting pieces and find ways to maintain the original integrity while 'bringing history to life.'

I’d love to talk to you about your needs, vision and wishes if you have a particular piece you need help with. Please don’t hesitate to contact.

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Located in: Peachtree City, GA

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